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Cradle Cap: Symptoms | Causes | Prevention & Treatment

Cradle Cap What is Cradle Cap? Cradle cap is a skin condition found on a baby’s scalp (a type of seborrheic dermatitis) that commonly affects babies for the first few months of life. Sometimes cradle cap lasts longer and occasionally even adults can get it. Unlike other forms of dermatitis, cradle cap is not itchy. […]

Nappy Rash: Symptoms | Causes | Prevention & Treatment

Nappy Rash What is Nappy Rash? Nappy rash can include a variety of skin conditions that appear on the skin that is covered by a nappy. The discomfort level can range from mild to severe. How to Recognize Nappy Rash? Nappy rash appears as inflamed, red, and blotchy skin in the area of the skin […]

Are you slowly exposing your family to a toxic environment?

  WHAT IS IN YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS? As we become more aware of synthetic chemicals and their links to disease, we also become more concerned with what we consume, and now, with what we put on our skin, especially on our children. Chemical absorption can irritate, sensitize and destroy skin tissue. Irritation might take the […]


  What is Dermatitis? A term for several skin inflammations Types Contact dermatitis Atopic dermatitis (eczema) Seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap in newborns) How to Recognize Dermatitis? Dermatitis generally includes red, itchy, scaly and/or inflamed skin. Blisters may develop that can ooze if scratched. Contact dermatitis is found when an irritant has made contact with the […]

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